Free webinar – learn more about MQTT

September 21st, 2012 - andyp

Just a note to point out that the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group is currently running a series of free webinars about machine-to-machine / Internet of Things development. The next one in the series, on Thursday September 27th, focuses specifically on MQTT with two of the lead developers from IBM.

Here’s the abstract:

MQTT is a connectivity protocol designed for M2M. It is an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport that is ideal for connecting small devices connected on networks with minimal bandwidth. The Eclipse Paho project is the reference implementation for the MQTT protocol. This webinar will introduce developers to MQTT and then show how you can develop your very first MQTT based application using Paho and the Eclipse IDE.

So, just to recap – free education, provided by some of the leading developers in the MQTT community. Sign up and get it in your calendar!

(oh, and the other talks in the series are also worth joining – they have already covered the goals of the M2M efforts at Eclipse, and the anatomy of an M2M application, with more technical talks to come!)

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