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Ideas for apps

Have an idea for an MQTT app but don't have the time, skill or knowledge to create it? or just a cool idea you want to share with the community? add it to the list below.

  • web-based MQTT graphing - a challenge by Roger Light on the Mosquitto blog
  • a “modern” replacement for WMQTT IA92 Java utility
    • cross-platform… could be Java.
    • Needs updating to latest MQTT v3.1 with user auth - use Eclipse Paho Java client!
    • could look a lot nicer (running IA92 with platform-native LaF improves it for a start)
  • a PyGTK desktop pub/sub testing app similar to the GUI in WMQTT IA92 Java utility
  • example mobile apps with source
    • BlackBerry (JavaME?)
    • Windows Phone mobile app with source
  • port of MQTT to TI Launchpad
    • (is this even possible given platform limitations?)
    • This seems like a prime candidate for MQTT-S RF BoosterPack
  • MQTT client for NeTV
  • add your idea here :-)


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