Get Involved

There are several spaces where you can join in the discussions around the MQTT community, and we encourage you to get involved!


Mailing lists / discussions

The primary conversations happen via a Google group (subscribe via mailing list, or use it as an online discussion group via a web interface). Anyone can make a request to join, and the group is moderated to ensure that only relevant content is posted.

Google Groups
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News / social

News, announcements, and the feed from the blog is shared on Twitter. The Twitter ID is @mqttorg and the hashtag for related conversations is #mqtt

You can also follow news via Google+

IRC / chat

There is an IRC channel on the freenode network – #mqtt.
If your IRC client is configured as the irc:// URL handler you can click on this link irc://
Alternatively, if you do not have an IRC client, you can use the webchat interface.


Other sites

There is a forum devoted to WebSphere MQ Telemetry (the IBM implementation of MQTT) and other lightweight, related protocols on the community site.

Some developers post questions on Q&A sites such as StackOverflow

There is an informal / unofficial / low traffic LinkedIn Group.



Of course, individual MQTT-related projects may also have their own mailing lists, bug trackers and discussion forums, so feel free to discuss implementation-specific issues in the appropriate places!