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MQTT for Sensor Networks – MQTT-SN

December 2nd, 2013 - 4 Comments

The nomenclature of “MQTT-S” (sensors? security? sausages?) has been confusing to some people, so recently there was a discussion about renaming the protocol to MQTT-SN.

The new name would be MQTT-SN, standing for exactly the same long name, MQTT for Sensor Networks.  Some people had assumed that the S in MQTT-S stood for secure, so we hope this change will avoid that confusion.

As part of this change, the copy of the specification now available from the Documentation page now reflects that name change, and links to all previous versions of the specification have been permanently redirected. This is still version 1.2 of the specification, updated to reflect the changed name. MQTT for Sensor Networks is aimed at embedded devices on non-TCP/IP networks, whereas MQTT itself explicitly expects a TCP/IP stack.

So, how can you get started with MQTT-SN? Here’s the exciting part – Really Small Message Broker and Mosquitto are coming together in a new Eclipse project, called Eclipse Mosquitto (here’s the project proposal). The RSMB source code is now available at Eclipse, and it has built-in MQTT-SN support… Ian Craggs shares a very quick getting started guide on his blog. It turns out that Nicholas Humfrey’s tools for MQTT-SN work well with RSMB as well!

MQTT proposed as an OASIS standard

February 5th, 2013 - 1 Comment

Per the announcement on the OASIS website:

The purpose of the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) Technical Committee is to define an open publish/subscribe protocol for telemetry messaging designed to be open, simple, lightweight, and suited for use in constrained networks and multi-platform environments. The TC will accomplish this purpose through the refinement of an input specification.

The intention is to use the current MQTT v3.1 specification as the input to the Technical Committee and incorporate clarifications that the community has been curating on the wiki.

The deadline for joining the process is March 18th 2013 – please take part if this is of interest to you and/or your organisation.

MQTT inventors speak at TEDx

November 5th, 2012 - No Comments

Worth sharing a couple of videos of the two main inventors of the MQTT protocol – Andy Stanford-Clark and Arlen Nipper – speaking at two different TEDx events in the past few months.

First up a few months ago was Andy, with his appearance at TEDx Warwick in the UK – “Innovation begins at Home”


More recently, Arlen went on stage at TEDx New Bedford in the US – “The Internet of Things is Just Getting Started”


Both videos are worth watching to get some insight into what these guys are working on, thinking about, and (in part) how MQTT came about!

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