MQTT Service Hook added to Github

May 3rd, 2012 - knolleary

Thanks to a pull-request from friend of MQTT @zer0c00l, GitHub now has the ability to publish an MQTT message whenever a repository has a change pushed to it.

To get your repository publishing, find your way to its admin page.

From there, under the Service Hooks tab, select the MqttPub hook in the list to bring up the configuration options.

The options speak for themselves, but there are some handy notes provided to help you figure it out. Be sure to check the ‘active’ box before hitting Update Settings.

With that done, you should start to get messages published whenever something is committed to the repository. The message itself is a json blob that contains all of the information about the commit that you could possible want.

You can read more about the contents of the blob on GitHub’s Post-Receive Hooks help page.

Frank LoVecchio

I’m also submitting the pull request shortly for 3.1 support, and fixing the html errors in the doc. FYI 🙂

Frank LoVecchio

3.1 support is added! Backwards compat maintained, user/pass is not necessary for this plugin to work.


This seems to have dissappeared. At one time I saw it in my account. But, in the last several months I have not been able to find it again. Has it been pulled from Github?


It is still there, but they have moved things around a bit.

On the repository page, the Admin button shown in the screenshot above has been replaced by the Settings link in the row beneath the buttons (Code, Network, Pull Requests… … Settings). That takes you to the page shown in the second screenshot above.

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