PubSub Huddle

September 23rd, 2011 - andyp

I presented on MQTT today at the PubSub Huddle event in London – a developer meetup for all those interested in messaging topics. 0MQ, RabbitMQ, SockJS (websockets) and other projects were all represented. You can watch the video of the talk on the Skills Matter website.

The talk included a short demo of how great MQTT can be to connect up tiny devices like Arduinos – I had my Arduino with a temperature sensor and an XRF module passed around the audience, and showed MQTT publishing the data via a simple Python script to my Really Small Message Broker. We also did a live link-up to an automated home system in IBM and showed that being controlled using MQTT over the web. Later in the afternoon I had a Wifly shield attached with the MQTT client running on the board, and clients running in C, Java, node.js, Python, and an Android app receiving the data concurrently.

There’s a real buzz around messaging at the moment, and it was great to see so many different people at the event. Lots of interesting folks around – including the author of the Perl and Ruby MQTT clients, Nicholas Humfrey. One piece of news from him is that the Ruby gem now has a new home on Github, so it’s worth checking out there if you are interested.

Finally – our new discussion group is up-and-running so do join us there if you’d like to talk about any MQTT-related topics!

Andrew L

Hi, I’ve had a good look at the information on MQTT available in the various links provided from this site, and at the source code examples as well, but there is not one single mention of using IPv6 with the libraries or implementations. This strikes me as truly ‘odd’, given we are talking about “The Internet of Things” and future highly scalable device telemetry here. Are there any initiatives to test and make available the libraries with IPv6 and sample implementations?

Andrew L.


It works fine on IPv6 – both mosquitto and RSMB support IPv6.

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