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MQTT ported to the mbed platform

December 20th, 2010 - 2 Comments

One of the cool things about the MQTT specification being available for royalty-free implementation is that anyone can create their own clients (or brokers) for different and, well, more niche or “interesting” platforms. There has been an MQTT library available for Arduino for some time, but one of the cool alternative prototyping boards that has emerged recently is the mbed platform. Yilun Fan of the CEIT at the University of Queensland has just released an early version of a publish-only MQTT client which will run on the mbed (details also available in the mbed cookbook).┬áHe credits the inspiration for the work to Nick O’Leary’s Arduino client. If you have an mbed and have access to a breakout board with an Ethernet socket, then this will definitely be worth a look.


We’ve added the mbed client to the list of available clients on the Software page. If you are working on an implementation for a different platform, or just have an alternative to one that is already out there, do let us know so we can keep the community updated.